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Understanding how the “Playbook Pro Method” aims to put your retirement in a winning position

Understanding how the “Playbook Pro Method” aims to put your retirement in a winning position

June 28, 2023

Confused about retirement options? Concerned you are not utilizing your financial plans to the fullest? We can help you work towards winning the game!

What Is the Playbook Pro Method?

Building your financial portfolio is like building a winning football team, each player representing a unique asset, all working together to score a financial touchdown.

Our process is designed to enlighten you about your financial situation and options and keep you on track with fluid and dynamic strategic planning.

We do this using the Playbook Pro Method, which is supported by the following six pillars: 

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Risk management/mitigation
  • Legacy planning
  • Value-added services

We have designed this method to continuously evaluate critical life and financial events, and sync with your life as time goes on and as your needs evolve over the years.

Who Is the Playbook Pro Method For?

When it comes to the Playbook Pro Method, we have established what we like to call the “Ideal Client,” which is someone who:

  • Values relationships based upon mutual trust
  • Respects others’ feelings
  • Has confidence in someone other than themselves to handle their wealth management needs
  • Maintains open, honest, and good communication
  • And more!

How Can It Help Me?

Overall, Playbook Pro Method focuses on two realistic, essential details: what matters and what we can control.

 When it comes to what matters, it is important to consider why and how. Why? Family legacy, Occupational pursuits, and Recreational aspirations direct each decision we make. How? This is where Paladino Financial Group comes into play. We help you focus on what is important and look forward to the future rather than feel apprehensive about it.

When it comes to control, it’s important to consider what we can control, as so much of what happens in the world is out of our hands. The following three essentials help us focus on what can be controlled: Philosophy, which enables clarity; planning, which provides comfort; and process, which inspires confidence.

No matter what age, our method aims to put your retirement in a winning position. For those who are looking at retirement options, we look at your finances and determine how much income in retirement you would want to protect. Once that is established, we can investigate the different options available to you. For those who are just starting out in their careers, we not only focus on retirement income, but also on helping you save for more tax-free money.

Our team at Paladino Financial Group understands the uncertainty that comes with letting someone else handle your wealth management needs. Our wide range of services and programs are designed to help grow, protect, and conserve your wealth. We are committed to helping you improve your long-term financial strategies and work toward achieving your goals.

Looking for a financial planner? Look no further than Paladino Financial Group! Our clients place their trust and confidence in us, which is something we take very seriously. Contact us today to get started on all your financial planning needs.