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Be Prepared For Whatever Life Throws At You

Be Prepared For Whatever Life Throws At You

Start your finanical journey with the Playbook Pro Method and take charge of your financial future today!

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What Is The Playbook Pro Method®?

Our goal is to take all the pieces of your financial puzzle and put them in place. To do so, we utilize a proprietary process called The Playbook Pro Method®, which is supported by 6 Pillars of Financial Planning that integrates financial planning with Retirement, Income Planning, Tax Planning Strategies, Risk Management/Mitigation, Legacy Planning, and Value-Added services for successful individuals, families, professionals, and business owners. 

The Playbook Pro Method® is designed to continually adjust and monitor your critical life and financial events and is set to sync with your life as it unfolds and as your needs evolve.

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It Is Time To Take Control

There is so much that goes on in the world, the economy and the financial markets that is out of our control. While we monitor these, we do not spend a lot of time worrying about those things. But no matter what happens on the field, there is a playbook - ready to prepare you for anything the competition throws at you.

There are 3 essentials that allow us to remain focused on what we can control:

1. Philosophy - Enables Clarity

2. Planning - Provides Comfort

3. Process - Inspires Confidence

Never Lose Sight

We never lose sight of the WHY! We maintain focus on what matters most to the families we serve. This is our Playbook Pro Method®:

1. Family
2. Occupation
3. Recreation
4. Money

Family legacy, Occupational pursuits, and Recreational aspirations are the WHY in our Philosophy and direct each decision we make.

The Money? Well, that is the HOW and that is where we come in. We have a process to filter the noise and focus on what is important, to help you face the future with anticipation rather than apprehension.

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Who We Are

Andrew J. Paladino, CPA, MSF - Paladino Financial Group

Andrew J. Paladino, CPA, MSF - Paladino Financial Group

Andy Paladino is the founder and owner of Paladino Financial Group (PFG). As a financial advisor, he provides financial planning and implementation of financial plans. PFG is a comprehensive financial advisory firm that helps a variety of individuals, families, business owners, executives, professional athletes, and nonprofit organizations.

Recognizing that economic forecasters may not always be accurate, Andy helps his clients understand possible future economic conditions and the potential effect on their financial plans. In addition, the impact that taxes have on financial plans is always considered and analyzed. While many investors will state that they have an investment strategy in place, an important question that follows is, “Do you have a tax strategy in place?”

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